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Located in the Washington D.C. suburbs, our team is ready to turn your financial goals into practical guidance. At Regal, we take a client-first approach to our financial services, including retirement, estate planning and investment allocation strategies.

Ivan Nalibotsky ChFC®


Ivan has served in the financial services industry since 1993, when he was recruited out of the construction and mortgage lending arenas. He loves being able to make a real difference in people’s lives, and enjoys the opportunity to be the financial quarterback for their hopes and dreams. Ivan’s expansive playbook contains a variety of strategies, including how you can fund your children’s educational needs, accumulate wealth for your golden years, provide income to your loved ones in case of a death or disability, a strategy to convert your lifetime of savings into a lifetime of income that you won’t outlive, and plans to leave a legacy to the ones that you care most deeply about. His biggest satisfaction comes when he can see that his efforts translate into successful solutions for you.

Ivan and his wife of over 20 years, Stephanie, have three daughters, whose love of music and theater they enjoy supporting and encouraging. When not spending time with his family, he enjoys playing tennis, resistance training and running. Ivan has also served on the board of the Montgomery County Collaboration Council, which oversees the various programs funded by the state of Maryland for the county’s underprivileged, and served as president for Washington Independent Services for Educational Resources. He holds a degree in construction management and finance from Florida International University.


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