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Mario Ruiz

Retirement Income Specialist & Wealth Manager

Mario Ruiz’s passion and love for helping clients develop, implement, and monitor an efficient plan emerged during The Great Recession as he witnessed many of his friends and family members suffer from the effects of poor or no planning for this historical economic downturn. While residing in Washington, DC in 2010, Mario began developing the investment philosophy and financial planning strategies he shares with you today, specializing in retirement income planning. He believes his clients are best served by helping to protect against losses due to poor market performance or inefficient planning. Now residing in Austin, TX, he holds a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation, leveraging his expertise for clients' diverse needs, including tax-efficient income planning, wealth management, social security optimization, health and long-term care planning, risk management, insurance, and more. 

Dedicated to continuous professional development, Mario maintains a daily regimen of reading, podcasts, and live training on retirement income planning that equips him to effectively serve his clients in an ever-changing environment. Passionate about sharing his knowledge, he regularly gives free educational webinars and seminars to the public on topics such as social security, Medicare, and retirement income planning. 

Away from work, Mario and his family of three, alongside their dog and two cats, enjoy the vibrant life Austin offers. You can find them exploring trails, enjoying local cuisine at places like KG BBQ or The Grove in Lakeway, and attending events such as the Austin Symphony Orchestra. Mario likes to invest his time into personal development; he enjoys reading about science and technology, exercising, and going to comedy shows. 

Driven by the conviction that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”, Mario and Regal Financial Group excel in serving clients who: 

  • Have concerns about the impact of taxes, market volatility, inflation, and healthcare costs on their retirement income. 
  • Need a clear, tax-efficient plan to manage and withdraw from their savings and investments. 
  • Seek custom retirement income plans based on individual goals, ranging from maximizing spending to ensuring a legacy. 
  • Require help with decisions such as retirement timing and spending, pension payout options, Roth conversions, managing home equity, social security strategies, navigating Medicare, long-term care planning, and more. 

Mario’s best client relationships have been with those who: 

  • Are retiring within 10 years or are already retired with significant savings, seeking tax-efficient wealth management. 
  • Appreciate clear, consistent communication, and personalized attention. 
  • Hold similar values of kindness, respect, and solution-oriented thinking. 
  • Value the financial well-being of friends and family and provide introductions to help them strengthen their financial plans.



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